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A book about people of the sea as
they experience it firsthand.

Jim Miller's newest book of poetry
One man’s 50-year poetic adventures revealed from newly opened archives





An autobiography in poetic form of one man’s inner odyssey.
The Wet Poet’s anthology is a unique and one of a kind collection of poems and color images all done by swimmers. There is a wide variety of styles and forms that reveal a part of the watery world swimmers know well. This book will share with the reader a portion of those wide experiences now recorded in this anthology.

James Miller expresses intense experience in his life — whether emotional or illuminating — in poetry jotted down on scrap paper and then stored for later development. Like many poets he tucks these away and waits for the “perfect moment.” Realizing a life long dream, Jim Miller now opens this vast trove of 87 personal poems and with maturity and enhanced skills edits and publishes these gems

More than a collection of poems this work is a narrative of James Miller’s life struggle to “find the mid-line in his life. Captured in 117 poems and 43 of his own photographs Miller’s work breaks into 3 defining chapters: de profundis, re-entry and coming home



copyright 2015 James Miller