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View the complete works of poet and editor James Miller plus his just released Poetry James Miller.

Readers will glean background on each of these gems as well as samples and even voice readings as they browse through this sight.

About James Miller JAMES
Should you go to the marine cove nearest the Golden Gate
Bridge and watch the swimmers from the South End Rowing
Club emerge from the bracing waters of San Francisco Bay, you
might see Jim Miller, a tall senior in his late 70s carrying his swim
fins while laughing with his friends about what a great swim they
enjoyed that morning.
Jim Miller has lived his life with that same sense of challenge and
adventure that he expresses in his newest book of poetry that
represents fifty years of unpublished contemporaneous poems
from his archives. In this book he shares the trials and triumphs
of those years about both his public and interior life all woven
together in poems.
From an old Southern California family, Miller attended
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor plus University of
California, Berkley, topped off with a year-long round the world
adventure. His love of learning took him in midlife to the
University of Creative Spirituality, Oakland, to many seminars,
some with Robert Bly and other gifted teachers such as
photographers Ansel Adams and Ruth Bernhardt
A life-long swimmer, Jim Miller has participated in
numerous team-swims across the English, Maui, and
Catalina Channels — where at the latter he was joined by
a pod of dolphins. As a young man he came upon a stunning vista of land in
California’s Alexander Valley and set out to carve a
thriving farm and vineyard now managed by his son,
Justin and daughter-in-law, Karin with help from two
Nordic grandchildren, Elsa and Leif.
In addition to success in business Jim Miller has utilized
alternative medicine to meet his health challenges with
personal research in the benefits of breathing and
bodywork to maintain both mental and physical health.
Miller’s poetry has received wide recognition from
prominent poets such as Matthew Fox with Miller’s
publication of Going Off The Pavement. His other
literary works include Weaving In The Light and editing
The Wet Poet’s Society. This current book is his most
ambitious as he takes the reader along on his journey of
half a century into the soul of this thoughtful man of his


copyright 2015 James Miller